CDL Training Course Costs in Oregon


Tuition Cost:                                                                               $5000.00
Registration Fee:                                                                          $150.00
Books And Materials:                                                                      $0.00

Other Fees are fees associated with the total program costs:

Department of Transportation Physical Exam Approximate: $100.00 
Drug Test Fee:                                                                              $47.00
CDL Endorsement Tests Administered by DMV:
(Including General Knowledge Test)                                 $60.00
CDL Permit Fee:                                                                           $23.00
State CDL 3rd Party Testing Fee:                                               $260.00
DMV CDL License Fee:                                                               $115.00

Total Other Fees:                                                                         $605.00

Total Program Cost:                                                                    $5,755.00

Payment Policy:

Tuition payments may be paid in full by the first day of class, or arrangements may be made with Admissions for payment in weekly installments.  All tuition is due by the end of the 2nd week of class (the halfway point of the program.)  Payment may be made by check, credit/debit card or cash.

​Aisling Truck Academy complies with requirements of 38 USC 3679 (e) for all VA Chapter 31 or Chapter 33 eligible students.

Aisling Truck Academy students may be eligible for tuition grants through State funding agencies! Call 541-324-5008 for more details!