Samuel Montanez

Aisling Truck Academy Graduate


Hired by A&M Transport INC.

" If you want to become a true truck driver I recommend this to be the place you go to school. Bud and Cathy are drivers themselves, and know what it takes to be successful as a professional driver. They will not just teach you how to pass your CDL test. This is an Academy that will truly teach you how to be a truck driver, and believe me, There IS a difference.  Aisling Truck Academy will teach you how to run your log book and make you run one daily. They will teach you how to use your atlas, as well as testing you on it.  They will teach you about your hours of service, Rules and Regulations, and how to make them work for you to be more successful as a driver.
These are serious folks who want to train men and women who are serious about being a professional driver. A professional driver, Bud Williams, has trained for many schools, his name is in the Bumper to Bumper book as a contributor, and has helped the state design their test routes. These guys know what they are doing.
You will learn to drive in a 13 speed, with a 53' trailer which is what you will be driving as a professional driver.
When I arrived at May Trucking Company for orientation, there were 6 other people from other schools. It was evident from the first day to myself, the other people in class, and the May Trainers just how much more training and more prepared I was than the others. May Trucking even asked me for the phone number to Aisling Truck Academy so they could call and congratulate them on the training they provided me. 
Bud and Cathy still call me, text me, to see how my career is going. They even call my company 2 months later to see how I am doing. So if you want to become a professional driver, would like to learn from an Academy that knows the industry inside and out, will push you to be the best you can, will not accept excuses, and truly cares about not only your training but also you as an individual then i highly recommend you to go to school here! "

James Santineau

Aisling Truck Academy Graduate


Hired by May Trucking 3-12-15!

Julia & Joe Newell

"I would highly recommend Aisling Truck Academy, My husband and I have not driven for over 15 years and we took an 8 hour (4 hour each) refresher course. Let me tell you that they are very professional with a lot of experience behind them. The bonus is that they also own their own trucking company so they know what companies are looking for out there. Both Bud and Cathy are great instructors with great people skills. They want you to succeed and it shows in their teaching style. They are patient and understanding.We would give this company 5 stars!!"

CDL Training Reviews and Testimonials in Oregon

Keith H.
Aisling Truck Academy Graduate

"My experience at Aisling Truck Academy was very positive. Bud and Cathy are excellent instructors. Each week I could see my confidence and skills improve. The curriculum is easy to follow and up to date. They have cutting edge technology, equipment, and thirty plus years of truck driving experience. The hands-on-training confidently prepared me for my new job as a truck driver. I would highly recommend Aisling Truck Academy to anyone who is thinking about becoming a truck driver."

Betty H. (Keith's Wife)
Aisling Truck Academy Graduate's Wife


"There are two factors that stood out to me concerning the teaching and training styles of Bud and Cathy Williams of Aisling Truck Academy: Firstly, they are both very approachable. I feel like they truly care about the students and their families. At no time did I sense they were too busy to lend a hand or answer my numerous questions. They welcomed me into the classroom, and I even got to ride inside the truck during my husband's training session.

Secondly, they went ahead with the 4-week training course as planned, even though Keith was the only student in the class. Wow! Moreover, when the DMV Proctor was delayed in administering the CDL driving test, Bud voluntarily took Keith up to Brooks, Oregon at his own expense, so Keith wouldn't miss his scheduled orientation with May Trucking Company.

Along with Keith, I urge anyone considering a trucking career to attend Aisling Truck Academy. Bud and Cathy are thorough, highly-qualified instructors. They will inspire and encourage any "wanna-be" trucker with a "can-do" attitude."

Robert Dudley

Aisling Truck Academy Graduate


​Hired by FV Martin

Rick W.
Aisling Truck Academy Graduate

"Aisling Truck Academy was awesome. Out of the choices I had for trucking schools I'm glad I chose them. Really great instructors but in my opinion even better people. If your looking for a school that wants you to succeed then it's Aisling Truck Academy. I now have a whole lot more respect for truck drivers now. Knowing what they have to do in that cab. There is a lot going on in there. I give them there space when I am in my personal car. I just don't get pissed off at them anymore and zip around them. I'm 53 years old and in my life I have accomplished many things but this is one of the things I am most proud of. I can now drive a big truck. It wasn't easy and there were times I went home wondering if I could do this or did I make a bad decision. I stuck it out because Bud and Cathy I felt believed in me. I really appreciated the fact they stuck with me on this. At times it was so intense but in the end it was worth it. Bud, Cath and least of all Charie I want to say 'Thank You'.

PS. By The Way, you will get out of it what you put into it. Thats no joke just a reality check."

Tylor M.
Aisling Truck Academy Graduate - WC2-17

"Aisling Truck Academy was a life changing experience. It definitely wasn't a cake walk but it's way worth it. The class goes by so fast. Bud and Cathy have years of first hand experience/real world experience. They are extremely helpful not only for helping you get your CDL but in preparing you for the job you plan on going for after you graduate."

"What do you like about Aisling Truck Academy? "The hands on portions, specifically when we set out the reflective triangles etc... The quality Equipment to train in"

Richard Culpeper

Aisling Truck Academy Graduate
Hired by May Trucking 

“The knowledgeable and friendly staff combined with attention to detail, gave me the confidence to not only be a safe driver but a level of comfortability and knowledge, of the entire tractor/trailer that I would be confident being a professional driver.

Thank you for all your help

Richard Culpeper "