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Driving a truck requires practice and staying on top of the latest regulations and restrictions as they change over the years. Many truck driving schools focus on initial truck driving training in Eugene and don’t provide the CDL refresher courses commercial truck drivers should take to continue being at the top of their field. Aisling Truck Academy is one of the best truck driving schools in the area and provides all the necessary CDL training, including refresher training.  

Our CDL school offers refresher training in Eugene to help individuals who previously obtained a CDL and either haven’t worked as a driver for many years or didn’t find a job as a truck driver refresh their skills and become employable again. You will complete a CDL refresher course reviewing the latest regulations and restrictions to ensure you can drive safely and efficiently to meet your employer’s needs. We aim to help individuals reaffirm their skills as commercial truck drivers to start working in the field again.  


Our truck academy in Eugene aims to work around our student’s schedules to prepare them for work in the trucking industry while they take care of other life obligations. You can complete your truck driving training quickly, allowing you to change careers. Enroll in our CDL refresher course to start working toward your career as a truck driver.  

CDL Refresher Courses in Oregon

Aisling Truck Academy's instructors have a combined Commercial Driver Instruction experience of over 50 years.  We have trained students from varied education levels, backgrounds and skill levels and understand the different teaching methods necessary to instruct each individual student.  Our refresher courses are designed to get Commercial Truck Drivers in Oregon back in the driver's seat and employable. As trucking company owners ourselves we understand what employers are looking for in a driver candidate and will help you to reach your goals of employment.  

CDL Qualifications

  • You must have/had possession of a CDL License. 

  • Must have a current Medical Card.
  • Must be able to pass a Drug & Alcohol screening.
  • Courses range from 4 hour evaluation up to 40 hours Instruction, Prices range from $400 to $6000. Please Contact us for details.

Work Around Your Schedule

Expert CDL Refresher Training in Eugene

Get Back in the Driver’s Seat